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Welcome to Essempy

Essempy offers a wide range of in-house courses within the fields of Project Management, Safety Management and working in The Rail Environment.

Our courses draw from 20 years of rail based project training development, supported by the Association for Project Management (APM) "Body of Knowledge", Railway Group Standards and Network Rail Company Standards as well as relevant Health & Safety Legislation.

What's on offer

Other services

Bespoke training courses

Training courses designed specifically to address client needs, for example Essempy wrote Core Planner Skills for Network Rail.

Photographic services

We hold a large library of railway photographs which can be made available to clients as well as undertaking commissioned work.

Model making

As well as constantly updating the mobile diorama we use for our induction and 100 Basic Principles courses, we built a permanent training model railway for Network Rail in their apprentice training school at HMS Sultan.